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Hire highly skilled remote employees overseas for software, IT, web design and digital marketing roles.

Ethical Stance

As a British remote staffing agency based in the UK, we provide offshore remote staffing only for positions that are hard to fill locally – most of these are classed as shortage occupations by the UK Government. We aim to serve the skill shortage; we are NOT here to replace UK-based staff.

In Pakistan, we are a responsible employer – we treat our remote staff with respect and are mindful of their health and well-being. We provide a comfortable work environment and offer better salaries and benefits than most local employers.

Let’s Kickstart the Recruitment Process

You are one click away from hiring a fantastic candidate for that vacancy you’ve been struggling to fill! We are a virtual staffing agency providing highly skilled remote staff based in Pakistan. As a successful remote staffing agency, we have helped many businesses recruit full-time high-skilled professional positions that are hard to fill in the UK (most of which are classed as shortage occupations by the UK Government.


We have placed full-time remote staff for the following job categories.

Software Developers

For Java, PHP, .NET, SQL and most other mainstream platforms.

IT Engineers

Level 1, 2 or higher IT support professionals with excellent communication.

Web Developers

For WordPress, Magento, Shopify and most other mainstream platforms.

SEO & PPC Experts

Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click experts for Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Meet some of the remote professionals we have placed.

Doing an amazing job for UK businesses, remotely from Pakistan via Recruitico.

What we do.

We provide a complete virtual staffing solution.

As a successful remote staffing agency, we have helped businesses grow with top talents overseas since 2018.
We provide a fully compliant, technical, legal, HR and management infrastructure that enables you to find, employ and work remotely with professionals in Pakistan – just like in-house employees from another office!


Work with you directly, follow your instructions just like in-house staff.


UK based company & customer service. Reliable and fully GDPR complaint.


We formally employ the staff and take care of all legalities in Pakistan.

How it works.

A 6 step process, similar to hiring in-house staff.


We’ll work with you to outline the role and the skills required.


Through our extensive network in Pakistan we’ll get 100s of applicants


We’ll screen all applications & conduct many initial interviews.


We’ll introduce the top candidates to you, for you to interview and test.


We’ll employ the selected candidate assigned to work for you remotely


You get ongoing support from us, so does the offshore worker.

Why offshore staff?

Get the offshore advantage that big corporations have.


Find highly skilled staff, nationally in Pakistan, the 5th largest population on the planet, with a young population and a booming tech industry.


Our systems ensure your offshore staff are as reliable as your in-house staff, the overall experience is like working with a colleague in another office.


Through Recruitico, you will never struggle to hire staff, but you’ll struggle to decide which candidate to select as they’re all so good! We can find and place remote staff within weeks.

It’s worth it.

Flexible & cost-effective.

We don’t position ourselves as a ‘cheap option’ as we do not compromise on quality, and we pay our remote staff extremely well. However, our virtual staffing solution can work out to be very cost-effective for you.

Massive Savings.

Difference in living wages saves UK businesses at least 40% compared to sourcing same skills locally.

A win win situation.

However, offshore staff get paid ABOVE local market rates allowing us to get top people & keep them motivated.

Zero liability for you.

We take care of all legalities, taxes, insurances etc. in accordance with the requirements in Pakistan.

No additional costs

We deal with the equivalent of NI & pensions in Pakistan. Equipment & basic software provided by us.